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Aviator Spribe - play for money | how to play?

Aviator - a game for money, with big winnings!

There is nothing complicated in the game Aviator. The gameplay is as easy as it gets. Therefore, the essence of the game can understand even the user who has no experience visiting casinos. Spribe Aviator is built on a random coefficient generator that creates a random coefficient before the start of the round, reaching which the game ends. Your task is to have time to withdraw before reaching this value. Sounds complicated? In fact, it is not. In addition, this technology protects the results of the round from outside influence - the data does not go to the server game developers.
Winning depends on your reaction speed and your desire to hit the jackpot. The winning odds start at 1x and increase as the Aeroplane gains altitude. Winnings are equal to the product of the odds, at which you withdraw money, by the amount of the original bet. By the way the game itself is presented in the bookmaker's company Pin Up. The winnings are already waiting for you!

Example of the game:
1. You make a bet or even two at the same time and wait for the start of the round.

2. The plane takes off, multiplying your bet by the odds on the screen, your winnings increase every second!

3. Have time to click on the "cash out" button and take your winnings!

How to play Aviator?

The game is easy to understand. To start, players need to place a bet or two. That's right, in Aviator the player can choose 1 or 2 bets per round. The betting time between rounds lasts about 10 seconds.

Once you have made your bets. The round will start. The plane takes off, creating a schedule with a multiplier until the plane flies away. This is where the round ends.

The goal of the game is for you, as a player, to make a withdrawal before the plane flies away. If you made 2 bets, you need to cash out both bets before the plane flies away.

If you successfully cash out before the plane leaves, your bet will be multiplied by the multiplier.


The terms of the game provide the opportunity to make 2 bets in parallel. This feature gives certain advantages, allowing you to reduce losses at low multipliers of the round.

As for the multiplier (odds), it is the appeal of the game - it can vary in a wide range: from one to a million. Consequently, each player has the opportunity to increase their deposit of 1 million times. Moreover, the percentage of returns reaches 97%. No machine, not counting the game with a progressive jackpot, does not provide a similar size of the prize money and such a high probability of winning.

Strategy and tactics

From the very beginning of its appearance in 1win, "Aviator" has won the hearts of visitors who are used to rely not only on their intuition, but to develop a strategy. Since the gameplay here is completely unconventional, none of the strategic solutions suitable for slots and roulette are applicable to the "Aviator" machine.


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