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Movie Night In: Saving Money with Verizon Fios on Demand

In today's world everyone is trying to find ways to cut back on their monthly expenses. However this does not mean you have to sacrifice the fun you and your family have together. I know a lot of couples and families who truly enjoy going to the movies (included is my own family) or watching movies at home on free movie sites like Soaptoday. Lately the price of going to the movies has put a stop to their cherished family night out, but not anymore. Thanks to technology Verizon Fios offer's their customers High-Speed Cable Internet, Fios TV and unlimited calling for around $89 a month, that is $30 each service. Companies charge around $60 a month for telephone service alone. I know this might be starting to sound like a sales advertisement, but I am a penny pinching mommy and I absolutely love finding a great deal. This is the ultimate deal for me and my family.

Think about how much it costs to take a family of 3 out for one night at the movies.

• 2 adult tickets and 1 child ticket = $28

• 1 bottle of water, 1 small soda, small popcorn and a small slurppie = $15

That is a total of $43. Not to mention how long it takes to drive there and back or squeezing through crowds of people to find a seat.

Now look at the price of renting a movie at home with Verizon Fios, and having the same snacks in the comfort of your own living room.

• 1 HD New Release Movie Rental = $4.99

• Water = FREE

• 20z bottle of Pepsi = 1.00

• 1 box of Orville Redenbacher Popcorn = $3

• 1.5 quart Breyer's ice cream = $4

• Being able pause the movie and use a clean bathroom = Priceless

Most of the Verizon's On Demand Movies are free and new releases are about $5 each. What's best is everything is at your finger tips. You never have to leave the comfort of your home. You will not have to drive to the local movie rental store, then pay for late fees when you forget to bring the movie back (saving you more money). You may be thinking, we are in a rescission why would I sign up for another monthly bill? If you are reading this article I assume you have Verizon Fios, or you are considering becoming a customer. If you do not have Verizon Fios, you are already paying for internet at almost the same price as you would pay for Verizon's internet, Fios TV and phone services combined. This is why I consider this will in fact save you money, rather than add another expense to your monthly budget. With Verizon Fios you will enjoy the best internet and television services available, while cutting down on your entertainment expenses. What is more, you and your family will not miss out on any fun.

Here are some suggestions to make the best out of your family movie night:

Snacks are a must. Popcorn is the usual movie night snack, but it shouldn't be given to children under two. For some great movie night recipes visit the Family Movie Night link in the supporting links section of this article.

Movie night can be just for the family or you can invite friends over as well. If you invite people over you can ask them to pitch in and bring a snack, as a result saving you even more money.

Set the scene with a completely dark room. Close the curtains and put blankets over the windows if you have too. Make sure you have comfortable seating. Throw comfy pillows and beanbags on the floor. Dress kids in their PJs and If it's a cold night, take out comforters so guests can get super cozy.

You can have a theme for your movie night or just watch a new release.

Movie Night Themes

Just for Kids: Throw a movie night party for your child and his/her friends. Verzion Fios has so many choices when it comes to kid's movies. You can even run a marathon of the kid's favorite TV shows. Verizon offers tons of children's shows like Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob on demand, which means you can order them at anytime, for FREE. Just be sure the movies/shows are age appropriate.

Comedy Night: Verizon Fios has a whole section dedicated to stand up comedy specials.

Girls Night In: Order movies like Sex In The City or The Women. Make some cosmopolitans and just have fun with your girls.


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