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Lack of control or hyperopeck in raising children

Few parents think about what is more correct to use in upbringing: hyper -beams or, conversely, not control and let everything in it. In each family, education takes place within its framework and with its own “can” and “impossible”.

Some mothers are sure that the more they control children from birth, the fewer mistakes and wrong decisions in the life of a daughter or son. Others, on the contrary, believe that independence comes only when a small person is left to himself and no one forbids him anything.

Psychologists still advise in the upbringing to choose a middle ground. The level of control should correspond to a certain age of the child. It should not increase with growth, but also does not have the right to decrease. Just control differently. For example, the baby has already gone to kindergarten. Clothing, toys, environment is what parents choose for their child. Secondary school is completely different. The purchase of clothing can be entrusted to the teenager, but in advance to speak some details and nuances, given the opinion of the student. At this age, it is necessary to invest in a child a sense of responsibility for his misconduct and prepare unobtrusively for adulthood. Moms and dads have a question that remains: trust or control. The answer is obvious. An equal amount will do a good deed. Naturalness and unobtrusiveness are the main criteria in raising a child. Excessive control can lead to the isolation and irritability of the teenager. Of course, it does not mean that you need to leave children alone with them. They need to trust. Then the little little men themselves will share their joys, problems and plans with adults.

At each age, distrust and hyper -beam have their consequences. At the age of three years (age of personality), for example, excessive attention can lead to the child’s thoughts that others should jump around him. And he cannot see independence.

Until thirteen years, experts recommend only helping when choosing. Then give a little freedom. Moderate control should always be. Children feel the attitude of parents to them. In the complete absence of observation of the child, they will certainly do something. The news of the misconduct from third parties will not be very pleasant.

The main advice of parents is to decide for themselves what kind of measure in the upbringing to choose and what situation can be controlled, and what to trust the children. You can’t scold your son or daughter for the truth, whatever she is. And in no case to abuse trust, otherwise the relationship will depreciate and come to naught. Hər kəs idman bonusu haqqında danışır, lakin heç kim kazino bonusu haqqında danışmır və bu qəribədir, çünki onu saytda daha asan mərc etmək olar. mostbet az com pulsuz fırlanmalar şəklində təklif olunduğundan, istədiyiniz hər hansı bir slotda fırlanmalı və bunun üçün əsas hesabda uduşlar əldə etməlisiniz.


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